GO TO SING, Instructions for an anonymous art maker.

His joy was without words,
that words could not find,
were not necessary,
in deposits of slime,
when every vowel was bound up,
with an experience of the innermost love.


A set of instructions for someone, to get you singing, communing with paintings, friends, or to seek out other instructions, as a good painting does, in the gallery, or as the people in front of them usually say.

Made for Forced Collaboration, in collaboration with Caitlin Merrett King. Watch the full response here.


A tripod,
the trees, the leaves,
water, a whole, undisturbed rock.
A pair of dusty Levi 501s, standing upright,
of their own accord.

(PARTS FOR) JUBILATION, 2018. 6m 16s.

An experimental text and video for muddy times. Vowel singing and wet fetishism as possible methods for jubilation. A necessary act as society splits itself, or at least threatens to.

Read the full text here.

Youtube User Vinson Henderson

Lou Lou Sainsbury
Rosie Carr
George Harding


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