George Harding

Boggerland, 2018. Riso Publication + Poster Insert.
by Chloe Ashley & George Harding

"...Boggerland explores material histories that are contained in and that seeping from a fading wetland landscape. It imagines a time when all bogland areas were connected, a fictional inter-species community that formed in the joined space and an archival device that collects and narrates their histories - gathering tales of oxide explosions, folkloric power struggles, preserved bog bodies and invasive vegetation.

The booklet sets the stage for further explorations of the site, inviting you to interpret movements by influential players in its past, present and future..."


Published by:
Well Press (text)
Notewell Press (image + binding)

25 pages
16 x 12 cm

21 x 29 cm
Colours: Cream, Tan, Baby Blue, Camo Green, Oxide Red, Dark Green


Distributed by the Artists & Well Press (UK/EU)

Price 7 pounds

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